Will Republicans say to Trump “I Do?”

The Republican primary dance that is going on between Donald Trump and voters seems to be much like two people falling in love.  When you first meet someone, you tend to overlook a lot of the specific problems that may arise down the road, because, hey you’re both “in love”.  A few casual get-togethers ignites a mutual interest.  Mr. Trump is a wealthy businessman who throws out zingers naturally.  He is a natural entertainer, and he is a pro at getting people to pay attention to him.  So, after a few get-togethers, it is easy to see why voters started dating him more seriously.  After casually dating for some time things begin to progress in to a serious relationship.  Each partner begins to look at the character of the other person and envision spending more time with that person, possibly even spending the rest of their life with other person.  Voters began to see that Mr. Trump speaks from the heart and isn’t concerned about being politically correct (one of the biggest cancers our country currently faces).  However, there still are those times where your partner gets inebriated and calls you at 2am confessing their undying love for you.  Trump has had some moments like this such as saying that thousands of people were cheering in the streets when the Twin Towers came down on 9/11.  Despite these 2am calls, you look at the person as a whole and tell yourself that these are isolated incidents and not representative of the person as a whole.  Now voters are soon to be faced with whether or not they want to marry Mr. Trump.  The current Republican establishment seem like your parents wearing cardigan sweaters with their arms crossed shaking their heads.  They are sending out their warning now that will become louder every day.  Jeb Bush is still standing outside holding a boom box over his head.  People are in shock that what once began as a few dates has morphed in to holy matrimony.   The wedding invitations are currently being sent out, and in the not so distant future there will be that moment where voters will have to walk down the aisle to see Mr. Trump standing at the altar.  The dating period is over with.  Serious decisions have to be made that there will be no turning back from.  The question is will voters say “I do” or leave Mr. Trump at the altar.