Team McCrory Works On Hitting Curve Ball

Bev Perdue announced today that she would not be running again for Governor. This was surprising to many, but considering the scandals that are surrounding all around her and her lackluster polling against McCrory, it isn’t unbelievable. The big question now is who will step in to run in her stead. Someone like Erskine Bowles would certainly be a formidable candidate, even though it is becoming the eleventh hour at this point. This is surely good news for the McCrory camp overall, but they have been doing opposition research on Bev for years which is now useless. Now they must sit and wait to see who steps up. There is no question that Democrats nationally will have a say in who steps in considering the emphasis on this state as well as the Democrat National Convention being held here. However, today is a good day for the McCrory camp, and many will be curiously watching to see who the Dems put forth as their new gubernatorial candidate.