Carly Fiorina Earns 3 Pinocchios on her Secretary to CEO Story

In a previous post, I cast skepticism on Carly’s Secretary to CEO story. Michelle Ye He Lee in a Washington Post Fact Checker column examines this claim in quite a bit of detail. To summarize the conclusion, her claim is “Bogus.” You can read it here and draw your own conclusions: Carly Fiorina’s bogus ‘secretary to CEO’ career trajectory (Fact Checker biography)

Gross distortions, exaggerated claims, outright lies…this is what is alienating the today’s electorate. And even with the proviso that “all politicians lie” we must work to change that and you can expect to read pushback every time we identify it here at Nexus Politix. If you read Carly’s biography it is very impressive. But the “spin”…the “Horatio Alger Tale”… will give the Democrats yet another line of attack should she become the nominee. And it makes one want to do surgery on her debate claims and wonder just how many other tall tales she told.