Am I Mitt-staken?

I have been relatively cavalier in comments saying the Mitt Romney would win the nomination. At the same time, I have completely underestimated the prospects of Rick Santorum. I totally felt like he would be the flavor of the day. That has turned out not to be the case. He is at Romney’s heels and is doing so with a tiny bank account compared to his. Whether this appeal is For him or Against Romney or some of both I am not sure. But from here on in I am not ruling him out against anyone, including beating President Obama. I never thought I would find myself saying that.

On the flip side, Ron Paul is turning out, albeit slowly, to be a fringe candidate. Many of his supporters accuse the media of ignoring him. It turns out they had every right to, because he doesn’t get many votes. Yes, he brings lots of views that appeal to Republicans, but in the end, I believe his Achilles heel is that voters feel the nation would be unsafe in his hands. We have had some lively commentary on this blog around this subject, and we have appreciated the arguments on both sides: the one that says Paul would be dangerous, the other saying it is only Paul that can save us from an over-reaching empire that will bankrupt us. Personally, I would hope if Paul were to be President that he wouldn’t put our nation at risk, but voters seem to be running away from the thoughts like it would be ok in a RP Administration that Iran could obtain a nuclear bomb.

After Super Tuesday, we are left with Mitt and Santorum to fight it out; Gingrich enjoying the limelight and now Secret Service protection, and I’m not sure what for Ron Paul. It’s a 2-horse race now folks, not 1.

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